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Chris Fox is a technology reporter for BBC News, covering apps, algorithms, cyber-security, gadgets, video games and everything in-between.

Before joining BBC News in 2015, he worked as a self-shooting and editing video journalist on Newsround - the BBC's news programme for children.

He has reported live from the red carpet at the Bafta video games awards, answered viewers' cyber-security questions, and been hands-on at live tech events such as CES in Las Vegas.

He produces reports for television, radio and online.

Chris was born in Blackpool, and studied Broadcasting at Leeds University.

Prior to working at the BBC, Chris was a healthcare consultant for a pharmacy chain, and developed photos for a high street retailer.

He likes ramen, playing pool, guitar, swimming and video games.

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Chris Fox in Teslasuit


Trying the electric virtual reality suit that shocks gamers

Chris Fox walk car


Riding a personal transporter that fits in a shopping bag

Chris Fox

GDPR explained

Technology made simple in a series of video explainers

Chris Foxx virtual reality shoes

Virtual reality shoes

Trying new gaming tech at CES 2017

Chris Fox meditating

Virtual meditation

Unwinding at the E3 games expo in Los Angeles

Chris Fox plays Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go hands-on

Taking a look at the mobile gaming phenomenon



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